Superior strength and durability to quickly lift cars and trucks weighing up to 10,000 pounds.



  • Quickly service vehicles to increase daily revenue and technician productivity.
  • Asymmetric design and longer arms give the opportunity to service a wider range of vehicle types.
  • Simple control unit allows technicians to operate the lift with minimal instruction.
  • One of the industry’s only 2-post lifts truly manufactured in the USA and assembled with American sourced components with an emphasis on quality, safety and detail.
  • Undemanding installation process with minimal site preparation requirements.
  • Lifting extensions expand service capabilities to include long wheel base vehicles.
  • Electric height-limit switch provides safekeeping of the vehicle during lifting.
  • Designed to allow sufficient access to vehicle with ample space between the column and vehicle.
  • Tray set adds value to workspace with organization and easy access to adapters.
  • Locking arm restraints engineered with strong oversized arm pins automatically open when fully-lowered. Allows easy and reliable positioning of swing arms.
  • Compatibility with Low-Profile Sport Cars - The HL CS 9,000 was designed specifically to slide under German sports cars (BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi) and is an excellent fit for Japanese imported cars.






Technical Data HL CS 10000
Lifting Capacity 10000 lbs
Lifting Height 76"
Rubber Pads Adjustment Range 3.54”-4.92”
Drive Through Clearance 96.45”
Arm Clearance 4.33"
Motor 2 HP
Power Supply 230V 60HZ 1 Phase
Hydraulic Oil 4 gallons
Inside Column Width 110.23"
Total Width 137.24"
Technical Data HL CS 9000
Lifting Capacity 9000 lbs
Lifting Height 76"
Arm Clearance 3.5"
Rubber Pad Adjustment Range 2.5"-3.9"
Total Width 137.24"
Inside Column Width 110.23"
Drive Through Clearance 96.45"
Motor 2 HP
Power Supply 230V 60HZ 1 Phase
Hydraulic Oil 4 gallons
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