As a branch of the MAHA Group, an ever-expanding company, we are the contact partner in the region as MAHA USA and thus belong to one of the most important manufacturers of automotive, testing and lifting technology worldwide. We offer a full service network to our customers. Our basis is technology and quality leadership.

A world in which mobile travel is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. #SAFETYFORSUREMAHA

Premium Workshop Equipment

MAHA USA is a manufacturer of premium workshop equipment with an extensive line of lifting equipment, diagnostic equipment, and testing technology that offers flexible solutions for all aspects of vehicle maintenance operations.

Our company unites German engineering with American craftsmanship to produce some of the most sought after vehicle lifts in the world. Our most prized lift, the Wireless Mobile Column Lift, remains the only wireless lift on the market powered by state-of-the-art ball-screw technology. In addition, we are internationally recognized for implementing innovative Brake Testing Systems and Vehicle Safety Testing Technology that supports our mission to transform the safety of the transportation industry.

Product Categories:

  • Performance Testing Technology
  • Lifting Technology
  • Headlight Testing Technology
  • Brake Testing Technology
  • Suspension Testing Technology
  • Emission Measurement Technology
  • Mobile Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dispensers

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