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For the best possible use, the new E-BOX, which is suspended from the ceiling, offers not only power and compressed air supply, an integrated control unit for the lift and LAN cable connection, but also a storage compartment for battery chargers. A practical solution that finally solves the energy supply problem directly at the workshop workplace.


Haldenwang, 20 December 2018 With the new E-BOX by MAHA, tripping, temporary fastening or clearing away connected battery chargers is a thing of the past. Almost all standard chargers can be stored in their own compartment and serve their purpose without being a hindrance as before. "With this combination we provide a unique solution for the energy supply problem at the diagnosis and service workplace", explains Holger Seeliger, product manager of the Allgäu-based manufacturer, with great enthusiasm. “The charging current of around 100 Ah, required by many manufacturers, is always available directly in the vicinity of the vehicle and with the new E-BOX it can be easily and practically obtained from the top.” As a result, MAHA is the first supplier to integrate this need into a tailor-made product and therefore the ideal replacement for the classic pendant power units in the workshop, not least because the close proximity to the workstation allows short cable to be used for the respective processing machines, which no longer block passageways.

Multi-functional and practical

The E-BOX suspended from the ceiling is particularly user-friendly because it can be easily accessed for all functions and controlled directly from below. No matter if the lift is moved or compressed air, power and LAN cables are plugged in, the new model no longer pivots back and forth, as was the case with the previous lateral operation. “A perfect solution that no workplace in the workshop should be without”, says Seeliger.

The new E-BOX offers two compressed air connections with safety couplings, three sockets in the standard version as well as optionally two LAN sockets and now also the option of integrating an appropriate charger. In contrast to other manufacturers, the cables are protected in a sturdy L-shaped square aluminium tube that provides stability and prevents vibrations. The standard price already includes cables with a length of 5 meters reaching the ceiling of the hall. Furthermore, all connections in the E-BOX are already wired at the factory. A connection for compressed air preparation and a lift control can also be optionally added.

Obviously, the previous E-BOX by MAHA is still available as a leaner and space-saving version without a storage shelf and is ideally suited for workstations where no charger is required.