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MAHA’s Wireless Mobile Column Lifts provide flexibility for shops of all sizes. They decrease service times, provide a safer workspace and make happier technicians.

  • Lifting capacity up to 144,000 pounds
  • Gives the flexibility to lift a wide scope of medium to heavy duty vehicles and turn just about any place into a lifting bay – outside, inside, virtually anywhere
  • No cables and no cords to trip over
  • No power needed to operate – battery operated
  • 10 built-in frequency channels allow operation of multiple wireless lifting systems in the same area
  • Unique channel hopping feature eliminates radio interference
  • Long battery life promises one of the highest number of lifting cycles in the industry
  • Batteries quickly charge with a standard 110V connection



 MAHA’s Mobile Column Lifts raise and support the vehicle to a height of 6 ft. allowing mechanics to work comfortably, eliminating the risks instigated by standing or lying in uncomfortable positions.


No sprains and injuries
generated by standing or lying in uncomfortable positions

No cuts and bruises
generated by standing or lying in uncomfortable positions

No sore backs
generated by standing or lying in uncomfortable positions

The Stainless Steel
Re-circulating Ball-Screw

Unlike any other Wireless Mobile Column Lift, MAHA has designed and engineered their mobile lifts to operate by the extraordinary power of a stainless steel, re-circulating ball-screw. This unique operating approach eliminates all hydraulics, giving MAHA users distinct advantages.


Constantly Performs - Every Time
Maintains natural unison between
columns. Operates at constant speed.

No Rising Hydraulic Cylinder
No risk of a rising cylinder damaging the side of the lifted vehicle.

Lighter Weight
Weighs considerably less than a hydraulic mobile lift. Giving MAHA users a mobility advantage.

The ball screw has over 20 years life expectancy.

Low Maintenance
Superior compared to the acme screw type, as its low friction design is almost maintenance free.


  • MAHA’s columns are sleek and slender, a solid steel I-Beam. This design is meant to safely hold substantial amounts of weight without bending, improve access around the lift, and make moving much easier than bulky hydraulic columns.
  • Every column is built with additional safety features that go above and beyond certification requirements. Every MAHA column is equipped with a redundant safety system that includes a wedge lock (the same locking device used on elevators) and an industrial strength emergency brake.

    Average labor hours saved with just one set of Mobile Column Lifts

    2.5 Hours  

Saved Daily

   12.5 Hours  

Saved Weekly

    50 Hours   

Saved Monthly

    650 Hours  

Saved Annually

For an ROI Calculator, click here.

And don’t forget the lifts are mobile, there are no installation costs.      




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Technical Data
Lifting Capacity Up to 18,000 lbs. per column
Height 97.64"
Maximum Lifting Height 69"
Power Supply for Charger 110V 60 Hz Single Phase
Full Cycles at 100% Capacity 25 Strokes
Full Cycles at 50% Capacity 45 Strokes
Complete Charge Cycle 8 Hours
Standard Carriage Adjustment Range 15.5"-31"
Motor Power 2 HP
For additional technical specs for specific MCL models call 1-866-624-2872 or email sales@maha-usa.com

Create the Ultimate Flexible Work Bay
Mobile Column Lifts are extremely versatile when used in combination with accessories.

Support Stands
16,000 lbs. or 18,000 lbs. Capacities

  • Tripod stand for ultimate safety
  • Makes the MCL more independent
  • Allows additional working space
  • Recommended for repairs on axles, springs and engines
  • Various fine screw adjustments available          

Small Wheel Adapters
Lift vehicles with smaller wheel diameters. Our SMA’s provide reduction to 13” diameter rims on the standard carriage.

MCL Covers
Preserve and protect your columns from everyday elements.

  • UV and mildew resistant
  • High tear and tensile strength
  • Extreme flexibility

Flat Plate Adapters
The Flat Plate Adapter is the perfect wheels free lifting solution to tackle vehicles such as
trailers (vans, flatbeds, step-decks, low-boys), generators and even modular homes.

  • Expands the versatility of your MCL
  • Easily gain access to the underside of platforms to perform inspections, repairs (brakes, suspension, hydraulics) and exchange the landing gear on pups and vans

Remote Control
Operate the electric MCL up to 25 ft. away. Custom cable lengths are also available.

The MAHA Crossbeam allows maintenance under heavy trucks and buses using only two MCLs for wheel-free access.

  • Durable wheels for easy moving
  • Adjustable lifting pads avoid beam interference
  • Designed to engage the frame of the vehicle to be lifted
  • Standard and wide carriage options are available

Light Vehicle Adapter
The perfect option for lifting pick-up trucks, vans, army off-road vehicles and SUV’s with a max. loading capacity of 16,000 lbs. A handy cart for storage or transport and various LVA accessories are optional.

Forklift Ramp Adapter
The Forklift Ramp Adapter is the perfect wheels-free lifting solution to allow easy access for tire and maintenance work under forklifts with a wheel base of 76” or less. 

  • Provides stand-up under vehicle access
  • Easy to perform repairs under forklift
  • Compact design and easy storage








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