Shock Absorber Tester for Cars and Vans Weighing up to 5511 lbs Axle Load (floor unit)

VP 215033
Diagnose Defective Shocks
Determine the axle damping of both front and rear axles according to the Boge principle. 

In Conjunction with EUROSYSTEM (MAHA's unique software):

  • PC screen display with evaluation in "Lehr Damping Rate" or damping rate "D", with left/right brake differential and graphic interpretation

In Conjunction with LON-Brake-Testers:

  • Display on LON-Analog display with evaluation in "Lehr damping rate" or damping rate "D"
  • Fully automatic testing procedure
  • Automatic start-up of test stand when both test plates are loaded over 60 kg
  • Frequency controlled plate excitation by electric motors to determine the maximum vibration amplitude, with subsequent evaluation of axle damping
  • Floor unit as self-supporting framework
  • Parallelogram guided test plates and therefore no fixed wheel testing point necessary
  • Hot-dip galvanized
Technical Datasheet DE | EN | ES | FR
MAHA Fible Shock Absorber Tester DE | EN | ES | FR
Technical Data
Axle load, testable 4850 lbs
Axle load, traversable 5511 lbs
Track width 34.6" - 86.6"
Vibration amplitude .25"
Vibration frequency (controlled) 120 rpm - 600 rpm
Maximum plate stroke approx. 2.8"
Measurement range Damping Factor "D" 0.02 - 0.3
Motor power 2 x 1.5 hp
Fuse (time-delay) 16 A
Power supply 1/N/PE 230 V 50 Hz/60 Hz
Dimensions packaging (H x W x D) 94" x 27.5" x 39"
Dimensions floor assembly (H x W x D) 11" x 92" x 31"
Weight 1433 lbs
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