A totally mobile 2-post lift

  • Battery operated for total mobility bay to bay or indoors or outdoors
  • ŠA master/slave hydraulic synchronization system that requires no adjustment
  • ŠŠAutomatic locking features make the lift extremely safe
  • ŠŠMinimal maintenance required; no periodic adjustments
  • ŠŠNo columns to get in the way, allowing unrestricted access to vehicle
  • Unrestricted access to vehicle because there are no columns to get in the way
  • Special adapters allow lifting unique vehicle configurations
  • A single person can easily move the lift. An optional fork lift adaptor allows transport over long distances
  • Two deep cycle batteries eliminate the need for constant electrical connection
  • A 6.4 ft lifting height allows comfortable access to the vehicle for even the tallest mechanics



Technical Data FHB 6500
Lifting Capacity 6500 lbs
Load Support 4 swivel arms with rubber pads, length 22"-51.2"
Lift Pad Height Min. 4.7"
Drive-in Width up to 7.5 ft
Lifting/Lowering Time Approx. 40 seconds
Drive Electro-hydraulic
Motor DC Motor 2.2 KW
Power Source 2 deep cycle batteries, 24V, 80 Ah
Connection Socket 115-23 VAC for battery charger
Load Securing Hydraulic and Mechanical
FHB 6500 Flyer | EN
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