Mobile Column Lift with 12,000 lb capacity per column is a cost effective solution to service medium duty trucks and vans

Available in wireless or standard configurations, the MCL 12 is a cost effective solution to service medium duty trucks and vans. Perfect for maintenance shops short on floor space who are in need of a lift for larger capacity vehicles without dedicating shop space.

MAHA USA’s MCL 12 gives users a lighter capacity mobile lift option. Lifting 12,000 lbs per column, the MCL 12 is a cost effective solution for lighter duty maintenance facilities that are in need of a larger capacity lift to service medium duty trucks and vans. The MCL 12 is also the only model in MAHA USA’s MCL series to exclusively offeran Extra-Wide Universal Carriage. This unique carriage was designed specifically for agriculture and farming vehicles and engages tires measuring up to a whopping 79” in diameter.

Increase Maintenance Capabilities

Traditional light and medium duty service shops are expanding more than ever in the heavy duty market. That is why a lift that grows with the business fits the bill – this lift is the MAHA USA MCL 12. Unlike fixed lifts, MAHA USA’s mobile column lifts can be used anywhere a suitable concrete surface is present, even outdoors, taking your garage to the next level.

Complete and Easy Vehicle Access
Unlike four-post lifts, which limit the technician’s access to the underbody, MAHA USA’s unique design offers full, unobstructed access to the vehicle. Our lifts cost the same or less than a 30,000 lbs. capacity four-post lift but come with 48,000 lbs. capacity without tying up a bay! When not in use, the MCLs can be conveniently stored against a wall or in a corner, occupying minimal storage space.

Trusted Ball-Screw Technology
MAHA’s mobile column lift is one of the only heavy duty lifts operated with the power of a low friction, surface hardened stainless steel ball-screw supported in a hanging bearing. For decades, the ball-screw has been trusted by aircraft and missiles industries simply because this technology has proved to be the most reliable for high mechanical efficiency.

With no energy loss caused by friction or heat, our high quality ball-screw design allows our lifts to operate with over 90 percent efficiency, making our American made mobile lift the most advanced of its kind.

Because of its splash-proof and dirt repellent design, the ball-screw promises minimal mechanical wear, less maintenance and constant performance throughout the life of the lift. Decades of satisfied customers have proven our mobile column lifts have a long service life and is virtually maintenance free, with some lifts still in service after 30 years. And we’re so confident in the quality, we offer a full 5 years warranty!

Unlike Hydraulic Cylinders, our Ball-Screw Operated Lift Sustains:

  • No fluid leaks
  • No liquid re-circulation requirements
  • No synchronization issues

MCL 12 Series Flyer
Technical Data
Lifting Capacity 12,000 lbs per column
Height 97.64"
Maximum Lifting Height 69"
Length of Standard Fork 16"
Base Length 46.02"
Total Base Width 45"
Tire Diameter Up to 79"
Standard Cariage Addjustment Range 15.5"-31"

Support Stands
16,000 lbs. or 18,000 lbs. Capacities

  • Tripod stand for ultimate safety
  • Makes the MCL more independent
  • Allows additional working space
  • Recommended for repairs on axles, springs and engines
  • Various fine screw adjustments available          

Small Wheel Adapters
Lift vehicles with smaller wheel diameters. Our SMA’s provide reduction to 13” diameter rims on the standard carriage.

MCL Covers
Preserve and protect your columns from everyday elements.

  • UV and mildew resistant
  • High tear and tensile strength
  • Extreme flexibility

Flat Plate Adapters
The Flat Plate Adapter is the perfect wheels free lifting solution to tackle vehicles such as
trailers (vans, flatbeds, step-decks, low-boys), generators and even modular homes.

  • Expands the versatility of your MCL
  •  Easily gain access to the underside of platforms to perform inspections, repairs (brakes, suspension, hydraulics) and exchange the landing gear on pups and vans

Remote Control
Operate the electric MCL up to 25 ft. away. Custom cable lengths are also available.

The MAHA Crossbeam allows maintenance under heavy trucks and buses using only two MCLs for wheel-free access.

  • Durable wheels for easy moving
  • Adjustable lifting pads avoid beam interference
  • Designed to engage the frame of the vehicle to be lifted
  • Standard and wide carriage options are available

Light Vehicle Adapter
The perfect option for lifting pick-up trucks, vans, army off-road vehicles and SUV’s with a max. loading capacity of 16,000 lbs. A handy cart for storage or transport and various LVA accessories are optional.

Forklift Ramp Adapter
The Forklift Ramp Adapter is the perfect wheels-free lifting solution to allow easy access for tire and maintenance work under forklifts with a wheel base of 76” or less.

  • Provides stand-up under vehicle access
  • Easy to perform repairs under forklift
  • Compact design and easy storage


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