For tractor, agriculture and farm vehicle maintenance.

Mobile Column Lifts engineered specifically for tractor, agriculture and farm vehicle maintenance.

Engage Over Sized Tractor & Farm Tires
MAHA USA’s unique Mobile Column Lift design offers full, unobstructed access under the vehicle. The MCL 12 model can be specially equipped with the extra wide universal carriage option that is perfect for lifting wheel sizes that are common on large farming equipment. This unique carriage engages oversized tires measuring up to 79” in diameter with 20” long forks.

Ultimate Safety Features
MAHA USA Mobile Column Lifts are equipped with redundant safety features to give users maximum security. A self-setting wedge-lock backs up the holding brake on each column. Synchronizing controls backup their naturally synchronous operation. Vehicle remains level and under operator’s control at all times.

Work Comfortably
With 69” of lifting height, the lifts raise vehicles high enough for personnel to comfortably work underneath them. They can be stopped in any position within normal travel to accommodate individual needs without having to park each column on locks. The mechanical ball-screw lifting mechanism provides an inching capability that enables the lifts to aid in the replacement of components that are installed from below.

Lower Maintenance Costs
Frictionless and virtually maintenance free, the recirculating ball-screw is the premier technology used in MAHA USA’s Mobile Column Lifts. In addition to a longer service life and inching capability, the ball-screw enables the lifts to be lowered without power. Seldom needed, this capability eliminates the potential for vehicles to become stranded on the lifts due to a power failure or malfunction.

Flexible Operating Options
All MAHA USA Mobile Column Lifts are electrically operated, and can be ordered as a cable-connected or wireless model. The wireless system is battery-powered and radio-controlled. Each wireless units is powered by deep-cycle batteries and can make up to 25 full capacity lifting cycles on a single charge. Cabled-connected systems operate on three-phase power and have interconnecting cables between the columns.



Technical Data
Lifting Capacity 12,000 lbs. per Column
Height 97.64"
Maximum Lifting Height 69"
Length of Standard Fork 16"
Extra Wide Universal Carriage Base Length 58"
Extra Wide Universal Carriage Tire Diameter Up to 79"
For additional model specific technical data Contact MAHA USA 1-866-627-2872 or email sales@maha-usa.com
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