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Following the last Advisory Board meeting of the MAHA Group, Managing Director Mr. Stefan Fuchs informed the Advisory Board and the Foundation Board that he will resign from his position as managing director with effect from 12 April 2023.


Haldenwang, 6th March 2023. After taking up his position as managing director on 12 April 2018, Mr. Fuchs successfully consolidated and excellently developed the MAHA Group with all his experience in a very difficult economic situation. In the beginning, he was responsible for all areas as sole managing director and initiated and implemented necessary changes in a very short time. Together with his co-managing directors, these measures were constantly optimised, and the MAHA Group re-established itself as an economically successful company.

When he took office, Mr. Fuchs already emphasised that he would like to hold the position of managing director for a maximum of five years and is now making good on his statement at that time.

“We regret this decision very much and thank him expressly for the spontaneous assumption of responsibility as well as his outstanding work in the MAHA Group. With the two Managing Directors Michael Amann and Dr. Peter Geigle, we continue to see the Management Board in an excellent position,” stated MAHA Group Advisory Board members, Andreas Zängerle, Prof. Bernhard Schick and Stefan Krammer.

The business areas for which Mr. Fuchs was responsible are transferred to the two managing directors.