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  • Brake Testing Technology

Since February MAHA offers a state-of-the-art device to calibrate and adjust brake test stands even more efficiently. The new special tool is compatible with all MAHA brake testers and can be used for motorcycles, passenger cars and truck variants alike. Thanks to its compactness, the multifunctional device is also incredibly easy to handle.


Haldenwang, 19 March 2019. With the new “MJV II” from MAHA, the calibration process is carried out by means of comparison procedures, which means an extreme relief for the service technician: instead of the previous mass-lever procedure, no more individual weights have to be placed and measuring points have to be moved on the adjustment device – due to the massive weights that had to be moved for this up to now, a real feat of strength, as every user responsible for the calibration process will certainly confirm!  With the new variant, it only takes a few minutes to set up the adjustment device at the brake tester, and calibration can already begin.

Calibration made fun

For the calibration of the previous model, all in all, various individual parts with a very high total weight had to be moved and assembled, but now the new compact adjustment device comes neatly packed in a case. The case is equipped with castors so that it can be moved easily from A to B like a trolley. Due to the reduced weight – the latest version weighs just 30 kg with accessories – it can also be easily stowed in any transport vehicle. With the new "MJV II", the adjustment procedure is child's play. It is physically less strenuous and more time-saving for the user thanks to its small packing size and reduced weight in particular.