Single Roller Dynamometer for Motorcycles

VP 630012
Extensive diagnostic capabilities for motorcycles
  • Delivers accurate, repeatable measurements
  • Available for above-floor or in-floor installations
  • Available as inertia roller with optional eddy current brake and optional electric motor
  • User-friendly software provides a structured display of measured values
  • Displays and tracks speed, RPM, and all engine parameters during power measurement
  • Graphic and numeric display of wheel power, drive train drag, engine power and torque
  • Background display of multiple power measurements to track changes
  • Load and driving simulation with graphical evaluation
  • Data collection program for external measurement values
  • Projection of engine power according to DIN 70020, EEC 80/1269, ISO 1585,JIS D 1001, SAE J 1349

Information about the MSR 400 Communication Desk

Measuring Program:

  • Power measurement at constant RPM, speed, tractive force (optional)
  • Graphic and digital display of wheel-, drag-, engine power and torque
  • Extrapolation of engine power according to DIN 70020, EEC 80/1269, ISO 1585, JIS D 1001, SAE J 1349
  • Testing program for speed indicator

Load Simulation with Graphic Evaluation (optional):

  • Constant RPM, speed, tractive force
  • Driving simulation (partly available, no E-Motor, Trucks on request)

External Measuring Data:

  • Inputs for RPM; oil temperature (optional)
  • Great variety of recording possibilities of external vehicle measuring data: pressures, temperatures, OBD-data, analogue signals
  • Connection of MAHA Emission Tester, MET 6.1 possible (optional)
  • Graphic display of measuring values as a function of time
  • Displays three power measurements in the background


  • Clearly structured DIN color print-out
  • Performance diagram of continuous and discrete measurements can also be printed as a chart.

Data Base:

  • Storage and loading of performance diagrams
  • Data import and export
  • Programmable load simulation profiles

Radio Remote Control:

  • Operation and control of tester
  • Operation of air cooling fan and other operational possibilities

Roller Set:

  • Inertia Single Roller Dynamometer for motorcycles, for flush-floor installation
  • Powder coating, blue RAL 5010
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Technical Datasheet DE | EN | ES | FR
Technical Data
Axle load 2,200 lbs
Rotating mass roller set 330 lbs
Roller length 16"
Roller diameter 16"
Test speed max. 199 mph
Wheel power (dynamic) > 470 hp
Tractive force max. 6500 N
Measurement system
Compressed air 80-120 PSI
Fuse (time-delay) 16 A
Power supply 400V 3 Phase
Dimensions communication desk (H x W x D) 59" x 34" x 16.5"
Dimensions roller set (H x W x D) 18" x 30" x 21"
Measuring accuracy +/- 2 %
Weight roller set 595 lbs
Communication desk weight incl. packaging 330 lbs
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