Side Slip Tester for Cars and Vans Weighing up to 6613 lbs Axle Load (floor units only)

VP 220009
Diagnose Wheel Alignment

Inspect the axle geometry of the vehicle in less than one minute. The results from this test often confirm the need for a wheel alignment adjustment.

(incl. Control Module MINC)

When connected to MBT 2000 EUROSYSTEM (MAHA's Unique Software):

  • Checks axle geometrics within a few seconds.
  • Analog display of test results on integrated scale in brake tester instrument dial face in m/km (connection to analog display)
  • Display of test results and graphics on screen in m/km (connection to screen display)
  • Rest plate is pushed laterally based on side slip and the deviation is displayed.
  • In conjunction with DIN A4 printer, print-out of test results with graphics, date and time
  • Test result evaluation
  • Hot-dip galvanized
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Technical Data
Axle load 6613 lbs
Measurement range +/- 20 m/km
Track plate width 18"
Power supply 1/N/PE 230 V 50 Hz/60 Hz
Dimensions floor assembly (H x W x D) 31" x 18" x 40"
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