Manufacturer Approvals

Manufacturer supplier relationship Link
AlfaRomeo alfaromeo.com
Chrysler chrysler.com
Citroen citroen.com
Ferrari ferrari.com
Fiat fiat.de
Ford ford.com
Hyundai hyundai.com
Lancia lancia.de
Peugeot peugeot.com
Renault renault.de

Technical Inspection Agencies Link
DEKRA dekra.de
KÜS kues.de
GTÜ gtue.de
TÜV tuev.de
MOT motuk.com
Workshop Planning & Project Management
MAHA USA understands that every maintenance facility is different. We take the time to collaborate with each customer to learn what equipment is needed to maximize the efficiency and revenue of their shop. We understand how important it is to have the right equipment for getting a wide range of vehicles quickly back in service. 

Our team of highly qualified experts collaborate, design and plan effective workshop solutions that will create an economic gain. The time savings alone with the proper layout of workshop equipment can return a customer's initial investment in as little as four months. Downtime is decreased, safety is greatly improved, workers compensation claims and insurance premiums are lowered and better working environments for service technicians are established.

Email sales@maha-usa.com or call 1-866-624-2872 to learn more.

Product Support
MAHA USA offers its customers an outstanding level of service. Product support ranges from hands-on training courses at MAHA USA to in-house training at the customer’s premises, tailored to special requirements. Multiple training events held each year are testament to the quality of MAHA USA’s continued support for our customers’ satisfaction.

Visit http://www.maha-usa.com/maha-usa-training-workshops.htm for detailed information regarding product training.

MAHA Equipment Finance
Through the MAHA Equipment Finance Program, MAHA USA offers affordable payment options and unique finance solutions to make your investment simple and flexible. 

Learn more at: www.maha-usa.com/finance.htm.

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