Safety is our Priority

MAHA USA provides the assurance of unsurpassed safety by incorporating numerous redundant safety features in every product to guarantee safe and trouble-free operation through years of tough, demanding use.

Proud member of the Automotive lift Institute


Why it’s important to inspect vehicle lifts regularly.

Performing regular inspection and maintenance routines is the best way to maximize ROI and to extend the life of a vehicle lift. A properly operating vehicle lift not only makes the mechanic’s job easier, but it will also improve performance, revenue and foremost safety.


How often should vehicle lifts be inspected?

MAHA USA recommends keeping vehicle lifts cleaned and lubricated to promote a long service life. Regularly check for signs of wear and tear and any mechanical failures associated with aging. Lifts age, so any wear items like cables and rollers should be inspected periodically and replaced when necessary.  A lack of regular inspection risks increased maintenance and operational costs, let alone downtime and lost revenue.


How does MAHA USA promote vehicle lift safety?

MAHA USA provides a strong and efficient service support network in locations all throughout North America. Our team of factory-trained technicians also provides comprehensive training courses to educate users on the process for properly inspecting lifts for safe and efficient operation.