Digital Headlight Tester

VP 185055
A Digital Headlight Tester with the Capability to Test the World’s Most Innovative Headlight Systems.
  • Quick and accurately tests headlights and on-board camera adjustments
  • Electronically controlled data collection and computing
  • Compatible with current and upcoming headlight technology
  • User-friendly LCD menu makes operating a breeze
  • Built-in automatic leveling feature prevents false readings
Quality Features
The MLT 3000 boasts numerous features. For example, the tester’s rechargeable battery supplies enough power to provide up to ten hours of uninterrupted work. The battery has been integrated into the foot of the unit to reduce the weight of the light box. The unit is also more stable as its center of gravity is now lower.

Dependable Precision Guide Pillar
The MLT 3000 is equipped with a non-wearing precision guide pillar. Ball-bearing mounted guide rollers on the vertical guidance of the light box make it virtually maintenance-free and smooth-running. A counterweight integrated into the guide pillar allows the light box to effortlessly position at head lamp height.

Exact Measurements
Lighting systems with variable cut-off lines and high-luminescence light sources are setting new standards for headlight testers. Often, it is necessary to determine
and assess the contours and positions of cut-off lines individually. Light sources such as Xenon and LED also form a pronounced blue fringe in the cut-off line area, which makes assessment even more difficult. The MLT 3000 digitally measures values, providing precise and objective results.

Electronic Leveling
The highlight of the MLT 3000 is the electronic leveling for uneven floors. Uneven base surfaces can greatly impair measurements in headlight testing. Even a few millimetres of deviation can result in a faulty assessment of the cut-off line. To prevent these types of incorrect measurements, the MLT 3000 has an integrated position sensor that determines the unit’s angle of inclination. The MLT 3000 software uses this information to automatically compensate for any horizontal deviations.

Simple to Operate
To improve user-friendliness, the MLT 3000 operates with self-explanatory buttons on a 7” touch screen. To allow adjusting headlights with ease, a second display is provided on the front of the unit. This display uses an LED scale to show the user the horizontal and vertical position of the cut-off line/inflection point. This means that the user can quickly adjust the headlights without directly looking at the screen of the unit. Compatible for Future Updates Vehicle manufacturers will continue to introduce new headlight technology in the future, continual software updates to the MLT 3000 is a necessity. Required updates
are conveniently available for download on the MAHA website. These updates can be installed directly from a PC network quickly and easily via a web interface. This makes the MLT 3000 a future-proof investment.
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Technical Data
Measurement range above hotspot 0 – 31” / 10 m (0 – 8 %)
Measurement range above pitch angle 0 – 11.8” / 10 m (0 – 3 %)
Measurement range below 0 – 37.5” / 10 m (0 – 7 %)
Measurement range left 0–39” / 10 m (0–10%)
Measurement range right 0 – 39” / 10 m (0 – 10 %)
Light intensity 125000 cd
Illumination intensity 200 lx
Measurement distance 4" - 19.5"
Adjustment track Lens centre over floor 9.5" - 59"
Deviation of intensity +/- 5 %
Deviation from an axle +/- 5 '
Power supply 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz AC / 12V DC
Power supply on-board voltage 24 V DC
Ambient temperature 41 °F - 104 °F
Relative humidity 20 % - 80 %
Dimensions total (H x W x D) 70" x 26" x 28"
Weight 143 lbs
Weight incl. packaging 176 lbs
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