We've Earned the Gold Label - the ALI/ETL re-certification of the company’s Mobile Column Lifts.

Reminders for Educated Purchasing:

Models are Not Indefinitely Certified.
Every lift model’s certification expires after five years. Meaning, the same lift model manufactured after the certification’s expiration date, is no longer certified and must be go through another certification process. Recertification occurs every five years in order to hold manufacturers accountable for following strict and evolving safety requirements.

An ALI Certified Lift has Its Advantages.
A lift that is not certified, is likely a much lower quality, influencing end user safety. More so, before purchasing a lift, investigate your local building codes and other state and local requirements. Avoid being found non-compliant resulting in heavy fines or worse, being shut down. When you purchase a certified lift, you have peace of mind knowing that not only is it a safe design, every critical aspect of the system - electrical and mechanical components, drives, controls and capacity loads have been held accountable and passed rigorous testing.

Verify the Lift is Truly Certified
Unfortunately, not every lift seller is honest and use false labels claiming certification. A legitimate label must clearly state the words, “Automotive Lift”. If the label does not bear these words, it is not certified. To navigate the lift models that are legitimately certified, visit the Directory of Certified Lifts on ALI’s website.