Here you can order a license for our software products online. 

If the activation is done by PIN, the Activation Code will be displayed directly and you can activate the software immediately. Without PIN you will receive the Activation Code together with the invoice within the next days.

NOTE: Please use an up-to-date web browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Brave or Edge.

Software transfer when changing devices

If you have already purchased a license and want to install or unlock your software on a new PC, please note the possible variants:

  • Variant 1: Your old PC is still functional. Please generate a deletion code in the menu "Administration > License administration". This deletion code can be used to create a new Activation Code.
  • Variant 2: Your old PC is defective and the software can no longer be uninstalled. Please fill out the licensing form completely and send it to You will then receive a new Activation Code from us.
  • Variant 3: If the deletion code does not work during uninstallation, request it directly from us using the licensing form (see variant 2).


Our MAHA Service Center will be happy to assist you at any time