Sales Team

MAHA USA conducts business through a strategic organization of direct sales and distribution partnerships. For more information, contact your MAHA Regional Manager.

For immediate assistance dial our main office: 1-866-624-2872 ext. 106

Juergen Werner– Managing Director
Phone: 334-984-0153
Email: juergen.werner@maha-usa.com

Herbert Gruber– Director of Sales and Marketing
Phone: 334-984-0153
Email: herbert.gruber@maha.de

Niall Davidson – North America - Vice President Sales/Marketing & Product Development
Phone: 334-984-0153
Email: niall.davidson@maha-usa.com

Raul Gomez– National Account and Key Account Manager
Phone: 708-212-3490
Email: raul.gomez@maha-usa.com

Sarah Thomas – Inside Sales Assistant
Phone: 334-984-0153 ext. 106
Email: sarah.thomas@maha-usa.com

Kenny Prince – East Coast Sales Manager
Phone: 301-569-0111
Email: kenny.prince@maha-usa.com

David Sapp– Southeast Sales Manager
Phone: 334-405-9522
Email: david.sapp@maha-usa.com

Rob Young– Southwest / Midwest Sales Manager
Cell: 913-201-5260
Email: robert.young@maha-usa.com

Mark Gregorek– West Coast Sales Manager
Phone: 334-589-9720
Email: mark.gregorek@maha-usa.com

Steve Davis– Product  Manager / Dynamometer Sales
Phone: 334-984-0153 ext. 104
Cell: 334-589-9905
Email: steve.davis@maha-usa.com

Katie Walker– Marketing
Phone: 334-589-9570
Email: katie.walker@maha-usa.com



Matt Woolhouse– Managing Director, Canada
Phone: 1-819-671-7694
Email: matt.woolhouse@maha-canada.ca

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