MAHA USA stole the show at this year’s TMC’s Supertech Challenge of the American Trucking Association. The TMC Supertech Challenge is an annual competition where only the absolute best technicians from the biggest transportation companies in the trucking industry meet and compete to become “The Best” service technician in the country. In addition, the event is also attended by the Executive Management of companies like FedEx, Old Dominion, Ryder, Wal-Mart, Crete and UPS to name a few.

“MAHA USA took main stage at this event, proving to be a true partner of the industry.” Says Radu Pop, MAHA USA’s Market Research Analyst and Equipment Sales Manager. For the competition, MAHA USA supplied an impressive total of 28 Wireless Mobile Column Lifts (seven sets of four) and 28 Tall Support Stands (seven sets of four) to lift a total of 14 heavy-duty trucks for the entire duration of the competition.

Furthermore, Mr. Pop explains that MAHA USA was the first workshop equipment manufacturer to make such a substantial contribution to the competition and the response from participating technicians was overwhelming. News quickly spread that MAHA USA has the skills, tools and expertise to create a safer, efficient and more comfortable work environment for service technicians.

MAHA USA plans to participate in the TMC SuperTech Challenge in 2016 and is working with the TMC Maintenance Council to develop “Best Practices” for safely lifting and supporting commercial vehicles while performing maintenance.