MAHA USA recently partnered with Fleet Maintenance Magazine to partcipate in a feature titled "Safety is Always Important when Operating Vehicle Lifting Systems. A Guide to Ensuring Long, Safe Vehicle Lift Service."
Training those who will be operating vehicle lifting systems is essential, MAHA USA’s Pop stresses, because no matter how advanced the lift is, its operation is defined by a user.
ANSI requires that technicians be trained annually in proper lift use, add Mohawk’s Perlstein.
Each lift comes with an operator’s manual and additional lifting safety manuals that are required with the delivery of a certified lift, they both note. Yet, many shops tend to disregard those manuals and start using the equipment without being aware of proper safety procedures, says Pop.
Accidents have happened and more than 90 percent are caused by operator error, he points out. Proper training will ensure safe and efficient operation and prepare the user for an emergency situation. What’s more, by using the lift correctly, service life will be extended.
Most lifts have an overload protection, says Pop of MAHA USA. However, common sense should prevail and the user should make sure the lift is not overloaded and that the weight is distributed evenly or centered properly when using mobile wheel-engaging lifts, also known as mobile column lifts"...
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Article Featured in April 2013 issue of Fleet Maintenance Magazine
Author: David A. Koleman, Editor