MAHA USA announces the introduction of the Mobile Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Dispensing System. The company says their Mobile DEF Dispenser is an efficient and easy method for refilling DEF in busy workshops. The Mobile DEF Dispenser provides users trouble-free integration into daily operations and is the perfect solution to help fleets converting to DEF adhere to EPA emission standards.

According to MAHA USA, the biggest advantage of the Mobile DEF Dispenser is its extreme mobility. This feature accelerates the time it takes to refill diesel exhaust fluid in the convenience of the user’s workplace. Safe and easy to use, a quad-sensor controlled automatic pump nozzle automatically switches off when the maximum fill has been reached, guaranteeing no overfilling of the tank. The holding tank features a 55 gallon CDS suction port and a filling port for the nozzle.

MAHA USA’s reputation for quality products, service and technological advancement is based on their commitment to the anticipating needs of the market. Call toll free, 866-624-2872 to learn more about MAHA USA’s Mobile DEF Dispensing System.