1,500 lbs Low Lift Wheel Dolly


The Low Lift Wheel Dolly eliminates the need to physicially lift heavy wheels and tires.

  • Easy removal and installation of single, tandem and duplex tires and wheels
  • Dolly handles any tire diameter up to 1,500 lbs (combined tire and wheel weight)
  • Three 4 inches diameter swivel ball bearing caster wheels allow easy positioning
  • Quick disconnect push/pull handle provides unobstructed access to hub area
  • Lifting height: 4 ¾ inches
Technical Data
Lifting capacity 1,500 lbs
Lifting height 4 ¾ inches
Lift arms dimensions 26 inches (spread) 24 ½ (length)
Overall dimensions 43 ½ inches (L) 39 ½ (inches W) 35 inches (H)
Shipping weight 175 lbs
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