MAHA USA, a leading manufacturer of vehicle lifts, workshop equipment and safety technology for automotive and heavy-duty maintenance operations, is proud to announce the ALI/ETL certification of the company’s HL CS 10,000 and HL CS 9,000 automotive 2-post lifts.

“The HL CS 9,000 and HL CS 10,000 earned certification because they adhere to ALI’s strict guidelines. Each lift passed stress calculations and underwent a series of ‘torture tests’ to make sure safety levels exceed all ALI and customer expectations.” Steve Davis, MAHA USA’s Product Manager explains.

The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) officially defines the certification process as “a rigorous testing and validation program for lifts. This requires product testing by a third-party testing laboratory accredited by OSHA as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). ETL tests the lift to ensure compliance with the American National Standard governing automotive lift construction and regularly inspects the factory where the lift is made, as required by ALI.”

Davis continues, “MAHA USA strives to ensure its vehicle lifts bear a current ALI Gold Label. ALI continually updates certification requirements. Therefore, a lift must be re-certified to current specifications at least every five years.”

The HL CS is one of the industry’s only automotive 2-post lifts truly “Made in the USA” and assembled with American sourced components. It is designed for easy shop inclusion with minimal site preparation requirements and boasts an undemanding installation process. The HL CS was intentionally created with an emphasis on quality, safety and ease of operation.

MAHA USA’s HL CS models are an asymmetric arm design, run on single phase power and feature a simple control unit that operates the lift with minimal instruction. Vehicles can be raised up to 76” in just 56 seconds. The HL CS 10,000 has a 10,000 lbs. capacity and features longer arms to give it the ability to service a wider range of vehicles.

In addition, the HL CS 9000 introduces shorter arms with a low-lying 3.5” arm clearance to easily slide under low profile sport car designs. The HL 9,000 is an especially excellent fit for workshops servicing German sport car and Japanese import car designs.

Davis concludes, “The HL CS is a reliable 2-post lift with all the hallmarks of premium workshop equipment you can trust from MAHA USA.”

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