MAHA USA stresses safety training and routine inspections for all ALI certified lifts.

MAHA USA, Pinckard, AL, unites German engineering with quality American craftsmanship to produce the only wireless mobile column lift powered by ball-screw technology. The ball-screw is splash-proof and dirt repellent and promises minimal mechanical wear. This technology is trusted in high-precision market segments and has proven to be the most reliable for high mechanical efficiency.

Safety is the primary factor to consider in selecting a vehicle lift, which means investing in a quality lift that is certified. A nationally recognized independent testing laboratory, such as the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI), guarantees manufactures have met specific safety standards and that the lift is worthy of its golden certification label.

Not all lift manufactures are capable of meeting the safety standards for certification. More than a few lifts are sold “uncertified,” often at a lower cost, compromising safety for the technicians. Technicians should ask, “Will I trust myself to stand under a vehicle when the supporting lifting device has not undergone rigorous testing?” The answer has to be no.

Once the company has selected the appropriate certified lift for the shop, proper use and safety training is next. No matter how advanced the lift is, its use defines its operation. Like most manufacturers, MAHA USA offers a strong and efficient support network of factory trained technicians and a large distributor base to provide a comprehensive selection of training sessions with the ability to competently convey technical knowledge to users of all levels.

Do not disregard the operator’s manual. Many operators tend to start using the equipment without making themselves fully aware of proper safety procedures. As operator error is the cause of most accidents, only proper training can ensure a safer, more efficient operation and prepare the user for emergencies.

Proper maintenance and routine lift inspections are the best ways to ensure safety awareness remains the number one priority. Most manuals have a periodical maintenance procedure. The company can also contact the manufacturer or representatives in the field for information and correct service instructions.

A greased lift is a happy lift. Keeping the equipment clean and lubricated ensures a long service life. As time goes on, check for signs of wear and mechanical failure associated with aging. Lifts get old too, so routinely inspect any items like cables and rollers and replace when necessary. ALI recently introduced a program for Certified Lift Inspectors, which makes it easier and more convenient to connect with a certified technician to take care of and inspect ALI-certified lifts.

Article Featured in BusRide Maintenance Magazine
By Radu Pop, MAHA USA Heavy Duty Equipment Specialist
June 2013