"In 1992, the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) and its members began a rigorous testing and validation program for lifts. This program is administered by Intertek Testing
Services (ETL), a third-party testing laboratory with OSHA recognition. ETL tests the lift to ensure compliance with the American National Standard governing automotive lift
construction and periodically inspects the factory where the lift is made. If the lift passes the tests and the factory meets the standards, then the lift may carry the "ALI
Certification Mark" and the "ETL Listed Mark". The certification program also requires that complete instructions, safety manuals and other safety documents be included with
the lift. It is important for the lift buyer to understand that just because a lift manufacturer states that a lift is ALI certified, it is no guarantee that all of their lifts are certified. Each individual lift model must receive its own ALI certification."

Directory of Certified Lifts