The TWIN 9000
This double scissor lift provides quick lube stations, car dealers and automotive workshops with a lift capable of servicing a wider range of vehicles faster and safer than other double scissor lifts on the market. Holding a lifting capacity of 9,000 pounds, the TWIN 9000 utilizes MAHA USA’s innovative raising lever, allowing full lifting force even in the lowest height range. Unlike the competitor’s systems, the TWIN 9000 does not require manual synchronization. It uses a two cylinder system with a cable pull potentiometer that electronically measures cylinder movement and automatically equalizes the travel of each runway.

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Tire Changers & Wheel Balancers
MAHA USA has a new and improved line of light-duty wheel balancers and light-duty tire changers. Designed with the best prerequisites for trouble-free integration into daily workshop operations, our upgraded product line offers our customers with the most advanced wheel service equipment in the industry.

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Digital Headlight Tester
MAHA USA's newest Headlight Tester, the MLT 3000 was developed in partnership with leading automobile manufacturers, resulting in a cutting-edge Digital Headlight Tester with the capability to easily and accurately test the industry’s newest technology. Precisely test the automotive industry’s newest headlight systems including LED, Matrix Beam Systems and Dynamic Light Assist.

Analog Headlight Tester
The MLT 1000 Analog Headlight Tester provides quick and accurate testing of headlight settings. Portable and easy to move, this simple to operate headlight tester is easily incorporated into any workshop operation. Due to the large scale Fresnel lens, multiple light sources can be tested without constant re-positioning.

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The MTD 2000
A fully-automated Tire Tread Measurement System engineered to quickly measure tire conditions within seconds. The MTD 2000's easy-to-read test results give service technicians the opportunity to offer customers an instant visual representation of tire issues to allow them to make an educated decision on tire replacement and/or wheel alignment work based on the presented facts. This type of technology is giving service departments a chance to reclaim their tire and wheel alignment sales.

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Significantly reduce your fleet’s DEF refueling process time by eliminating the need for a third-party DEF refueling station. Designed for fleets that are required to adhere to EPA Emission Standards, this dispenser is equipped to effortlessly move from vehicle-to-vehicle to instantly refuel Diesel Exhaust Fluid in the convenience of the user's own workplace.

In addition to its extreme mobility, this dispenser is built with sure-fit components that promise no fluid drips and a quad-sensor controlled automatic pump nozzle that knows to automatically switch off when the maximum fill of the tank has been reached. MAHA USA offers two different tank capacities – 16 gallons or 55 gallons, perfect options for light or heavy duty fleets.

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The ECON 6.5
An Electromechanical 2-post lift engineered as a free-standing column design and built with two electronically controlled electric motors. This highly stable 2-post lift has a lifting capacity of up to 14,000 pounds. Some features include:

• Long-lasting oil lubrication for spindle and nut.
• Automatic support-arm restraint includes an additional manual release.
• Excellent lifting height.
• Carriage guide located inside the load-bearing post with maintenance free steel rollers.
• Low-wear and low-maintenance plastic support nut.
• Electronic microprocessor controls with self-monitoring safety functions: synchronized movement, phase failure, belt breakage, support nut wear, motor overload, limit switch cut-off (top/bottom and for obstacles).
• Outstanding corrosion-protection thanks to durable powder coating.
• 110 Volt power socket on control unit.
• Four support arms, double-telescoping (3-piece) with roller-bearing mounted support for support arms.

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