Transform Maintenance Operations

Mobile Column Lifts

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Mobile Column Lifts in Workshop

Measure Vehicle Power

Single Roller Dynamometer

MSR 1000

Dynamometer Single Roller MSR 1000 by MAHA

Head-to-Toe Vehicle Analysis

Vehicle Inspection Lanes

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Vehicle reception concept for cars by MAHA


Get Vehicles In-Service with Minimal Downtime

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Mobile column lift with support stands by MAHA USA

Image Video

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Preview of the imagevideo of MAHA USA

Dynamically Measure Vehicle Braking Systems

Brake Testers

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Roller-Brake-Tester for Trucks by MAHA

Groundbreaking Vehicle Diagnostics

Tire Tread Measurement

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Tire Tread Measurement by MAHA

German Engineering...


Manufacturing a mobile column lift at MAHA USA

Workshop Equipment

Solutions for any Maintenance Facility

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Floor jack lifting a truck by MAHA

Eliminate Lethal Emissions and Air Pollutants

Exhaust Extraction Systems

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exhaust extraction systems by MAHA
Performance Testing

Dynamometer for Motorcycles

MSR 400

Dynamometer for motorcycles msr 400 by MAHA

Test the Newest Headlight Systems

Digital Headlight Tester

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Headlight Testers by MAHA